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FemDom Calgary

A group of people who saw a need in Calgary. A space where Women are in charge, men (submissive women, and others) are in service. Women are encouraged to find and use their voices to ensure their desires and requirements are met. 

The events include a variety of kink spaces for activities such as sensual play, rope play, impact play, foot worship, boot blacking, body worship, a giant spider web, a spanking bench etc. 

Special events and themes will be coming. 

There is a dress code for the events, see Here. 



SultryMissEm has been involved in BDSM for almost 20 years. She has been a professional Domme for over 5 years and loves it! She is a nurturing, sadistic and playful Domme. She is very safety minded and is always learning more skills to grow with in her play sessions.

She also teaches some of her many Kink related skills such as Impact Play, Sensual Touch, Sounding, Chastity Play, CBT, etc. 



Mistress Morgan is fairly new to the kink world but is enjoying every moment of it. Learning and

absorbing all the details as she plays. She has enjoyed an array of different fetishes for the past 3

years now. She has always loved the sensual and by bringing fetish to her style has brought in a unique

creative outlet for her. She loves to be in control. Her favorite kink is strap on play. Among

others are: cbt, impact play, light bondage, and using any toys to ignite the senses, in both pleasure and



Valentine is a sensual dominant who also takes the role of a service top. He is an Intimacy Coach with Playful Loving He supports couples and singles looking to reconnect and their deepen intimacy. Kink is one of the many tools he uses as a pathway to introduce new ideas, increase skills and techniques to better touch, hold, and heal their partner as they explore their sensuality and sexuality.

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