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Dress Code

PLEASE NOTE: 1. No Jeans/t-shirts, except under chaps or part of your costume. 2. Be very AWARE, Mistress Morgan and Miss Em reserve the right to refuse entry if your outfit does not abide by their dress code list.

THEME: A theme may be observed from time to time and is optional. Otherwise you can choose from the list below.


Ancient Civilizations: Greek, Roman (toga), Celtic, Norse, Persian, Egyptian, China, India, etc; temple priestess or priest, druid, oracle, amazon, guard, gladiator, temple maiden, slave, Olympian, Praetorian Guard, Centurion, senator, philosopher, etc.

Body/Body Art: Totally naked except for body decoration: piercings, tattoos and body painting. Please note to cover your lower private parts with a fig leaf size item. Topless nudity is acceptable or if you are uncomfortable; pasties, tape or liquid latex work beautifully. For those that are choosing totally naked, important note: DO NOT leave any DNA anywhere; furniture, seating, brushing up against a guest or on a guest and wash your hands before handling food and CARRY a TOWEL to sit on.

Burlesque | Theatrical: Acrobats, magicians, exotic dancers, Moulin Rouge, Las Vegas showgirls, retro 40's/50's, belly dancers, angels, devils, anything obscene or bawdy.

Cultural: Scottish, Celtic, Hindu, Japan (geisha, warrior), Greece (philosopher, senator, temple maiden), Swiss, Bavarian, Transylvania, Hawaii, Russian, etc.




Steam Punk

Fairy tale: Red Riding hood, Hansel, Gretel, mermaid, Rapunzel, wolf, snow white, Maleficent, Cinderella, etc.

Fantasy: Shadowhunter, seeker, confessor, angel, demon, lesser or greater demon, vampire, werewolves, fairy, warlocks, witches, sorcerer, sorcerer assistant, crossbreeds, etc.,

Drag: Men dressed as women, women dressed as men or a mix of the two. Gender play is always fun!

Formal: Tuxedo, Tails, and bow-tie, with vest, formal suit, crisp ironed shirt with tie/bowtie, evening gown, formal dress uniform, and opera gloves.

Goth: Create a dark vampiric or immortal dimension to your wardrobe and make up.

Historical: Baroque, Medieval, Samurai, Cleopatra, Marc Anthony, Caesar, Romeo, Juliet, Samson, Delilah, King Leonidas, Stelios, Egyptian Temple Priest/ess, Egyptian Princess Nefertiti, Viking, Valkyrie, Genghis Khan, Chinese Emperor, Warrior, etc.

Lingerie | Underwear: Sizzling, sexy and hot outfits that feel comfortable for you!

MASKarade | Masquerade: Eyes Wide Shut movie Ritual, Carnival, Phantom of the Opera, masked avengers, slave to love, etc.,

Mythological Characters: Fauns, satyr, nymphs, sirens, cupid, mermaids, etc.

Pervertibles: The Dollarstore is your friend; colourful electrical tape i.e. make a shirt, pet section i.e. collar with leash and a toy, rope make a top, bottom or accessories, fake flowers and greens i.e. forest fairy or super hero/villain, furry shams into a caveman/woman outfit, Saran Wrap or Pallet wrap into a top, bottom, or entire mini dress, sheets i.e. toga, temple maiden/priestess or priest, make up is a definite outfit in itself

Retro Attire: 20s - 30s - 40s - 50s - 60s - 70s - 80s

SM: Dominatrix, Master, submissive and slave.

Super Heroes/Villains

Textured Attire: leather, PVC, vinyl, latex, rubber, metal, feathers, satin, velvet or anything else that you fetishize about.

Uniforms: civilian, law enforcement, military, service, martial arts, food industry, medical, religious, sports, construction, mechanic, etc.

Video Game Characters: the list is too long to list... simply think about or choose whichever video game character you feel a connection.

Warrior: Gladiator, Genghis Khan, Atilla the Hun, Xena, immortal, spartan, roman, infantry, marine, reserves, knight, viking, samurai, tribal, highlander, musketeer,

Western Era: cowboy, cowgirl, (this is the only way we accept jeans under chaps), native north American indian (masculine or feminine; chief, brave, warrior, medicine man/woman), saloon girl, piano player, country doctor, farmer, blacksmith, etc.,

X-Dress: What does that mean.... men dressed as women, women dressed as men; transvestite, drag queen, and drag king all known as gender bending (a colloquiall term). Xtreme x-dressing would include all the curves and bumps in all the appropriate places.

No full face masks will be permitted for safety. Masquerade style, or partial cover are fine.

For comfort and discretion, many people pack their outfit and change upon arrival. Welcome and be celebrated!

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