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What to Expect

Dommes and subs are to arrive between 7 and 7:30 (depending on how long it will take to get into costume). Be ready for protocol training at 7:30. Doors are closed at 7:30 to ensure a quality flow. 

At 7:30 the men (or submissive women) will go to the basement to discuss protocol training for the evening such as How to greet, approach, request, touch etc. 

The Women will meet in living room to discuss rules, expectations, and protocol for the evening such as how to use your voice, asking vs. demanding, encompasing your power etc. 

The groups will come together around 8 and begin the evenings festivities. There are a variety of spaces set up for different types of play. 

~People who wish to simply watch and learn are welcome.

~People who want to learn and expand their skills are welcome. 

~People who are experienced and want to share their skills are welcome.

There is no pressure or expectation to partake in an activity, everyone is welcome at their own pace. 

Areas of Function & Designation

IMPORTANT NOTE: All doors of rooms are kept open except for the bathrooms. There are 3 bathrooms (sub level, main floor and upper level top of stairs).

Upper Floor:

• Dressing room/storage area

• Bathroom

Main Floor:

• Main Entrance

• Social area

• Wine Bar

• Kitchen

• Sensual Play room

• Foot Cleaning/Bootblacking/Foot worship area

• Food

• Bathroom

Sub Level:

• Ropeplay area

• Fireplace relaxation area

• Impact room with spider web, spanking bench and variety of tools

• Bathroom

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