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House Rules



Mindfully aware and always within my boundaries of safety, consent and comfort levels with respect, honour and trust with myself first and then with others.


oEnjoy full out! No failures. Only feedback. Try it on/experiment respectfully.

oEngage with open, compassionate invitations and offerings.

oTo engage in a speaking exchange, introduce yourself and ask if the person is "open to an exchange".

oWhen receiving an offering or invitation, yes or no are both acceptable. 

Care, respect, and honour everyone.



Play Monitors (PM’s) Word is Law. The PM will be introduced to you at the beginning of the evening. These generous volunteers are designated to supervise, protect and ensure respectful etiquette and the event/venue rules and guidelines are followed. If you disagree with a PM, discuss this with him/her quietly, or with the event host.

Unauthorized Photo/Video or phone use = Expulsion! No photography or phone usage in the area. Please go to the dressing room to use your phone

Safe Word System is used for the safety of all players and to assist with the Monitor’s supervision at this event; RED means to STOP immediately, YELLOW to SLOW down, BLUE for BORING/monotonous, CHANGE IT UP, please and GREEN Feels GREAT!

Advanced Forms of Play or Unusual or ‘Edgy’ Play(fire, wax, whip, breathe, water sports, cutting, branding, piercing, consensual non-consensual, loud, etc.). This type of play is reserved for special theme nights.

Cleanliness and Uncluttered. Please keep the equipment/furniture, play station area and private areas/rooms CLEAN and UNCLUTTERED. This includes walk through areas. After your scene, please clean up after yourself with the medical grade disinfectant cleaning wipes, as provided.

Time Per Station. Please be respectful of other players and do not spend more than 1hr on a station if you see that others are waiting to use it. Thank you!

“No, Thank You” means No! If you continue to insist in any form; it is considered harassment, which = Expulsion from the play area/event!

Personal Space/Toys | ASK Permission. Don’t touch things that do not belong to you (personal toys and equipment). In the same respect, if people are partially naked, fully naked, or dress sexy that is not an invitation for caressing or touching or entering their respective personal space. Even a touch on the arm can be interpreted as an aggressive gesture. Be polite, ASK Permission.

Mind Your Manners. No unsolicited comments, verbal or physical interference. Do not interrupt a play scene or try to join a play scene in progress unless you have a direct and clear invitation by the players in the scene. If you have questions about a technique, skill or overall scene, wait until the play scene is completed, this includes the aftercare period before attempting a conversation or direct your questions to a PM.

Nudity and Intimate Activity: Nudity is welcome. Please ensure that you have a towel or barrier of some sort when seated. Intimate Sensual Activity that puts you in an orgasmic state is welcome. Intimate Sexual Activity with bodily fluid exchange and orgasmic release is a beautiful thing but NOT PERMITED

Do not Crowd or Walk through a play scene: Observe in “Stealth” mode. Remember voyeurism means being invisible from a respectable distance (MORE THAN 5ft from the play scene) as you may cause focus interruptus and break-up the wonderful energy exchange.

What You See: If you see something or have a concern regarding play with respect to our rules, guidelines and philosophy inform the PM or the event host. Do not interrupt a play scene. Go directly to a PM first.

New to Play Party: If you are NEW to this type of play. Observe, listen and learn. Be at ease, you may also approach a PM or AMBASSADOR with questions.

We don’t bite… unless you ask nicely.

Alcohol Consumption: The women of the evening are welcome to imbibe responsibly, the submissives are not. There will be juice, soda and water avail for all in addition to wine for the Women. Submissives are welcome to bring a bottle as a gift to share with the Women.

Our events are all LGBTQ+ friendly.

All genders and identities are welcome and accepted.

All body types are welcome and accepted.

Remember, you were once new. Be patient and open to new people,

guiding and teaching can be a rewarding experience.

Include this when you respond saying you have read the rules "Dragon Fruit"

Play Safe and have FUN!


Acknowledging and Accepting the following, rules and guidelines, herein, allows for a fabulous experience at the event:

oI will contribute when and where I can, when welcome and requested/required.

oI will be creative about how I dress

oI will be polite, respectful and compassionate

oI will be non-judgmental and open hearted

oI will be mindfully aware and clear of my intention

oI will state my comfort level and boundaries

oI will play safely, consensually and risk aware

oI will have sensible safe sex practices where permissable

oI will respect our space and other guests

oI will clean up after myself (so others may have fun too)

oI will be respectfully in stealth mode around play spaces

oI won't assume (makes an ass out of u and me)

oI won't cruise aggressively (even if they are really cute)

oI won't touch others and their personal items without permission

oI won't get too intoxicated or within an altered state

oI won't take photographs without permission

oI won't gossip about what goes on here

oI will have FUN and be SOCIAL

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